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From 2010 to 2016, 727 foreign patients have thrown off their glasses and contact lenses at the Bright St' Mary's Eye Center.

Achieved official approval of Korea Tourism Organization for the medical tourism.

Not only the experienced and skillful doctor’s treatment but also English, Japanese, and Chinese language support from the medical staff are available at Bright St’ Mary’s Eye Center. We are striving to provide convenient medical services for foreign visitors.

Why it has to be Bright St' Mary's Eye Centers Gangnam & Busan

20 years of clinical experiences

since 2000

21 years of clinical experiences

Unlimited investment for the latest surgical equipment


Unlimited investment for the latest surgical equipment

320μm corneal

320μm corneal

We maintain the high standard for the remaining corneal thickness as 320μm. We apply a higher standard than the FDA recommendations.

We wouldn't push the patient to have surgery!


What if the surgery is not possible? We wouldn't push the patient to have surgery!

Global Coordinator

Global Coordinator

Foreign language support is available from the medical staff and the coordinator.

Issuance of operation guarantee


Issuance of operation guarantee

History of Bright St' Mary's Eye Center since 2000

Introduction of Surgical equipment & Surgical methods

Medical Test Procedure (over 50 types of close examination process)

At the reception desk, doublecheck your personal information and patient education material for the examination.
For safe and proper vision correction, we'll perform the close examination of the cornea.
Through the face to face consultation with the doctor, he will diagnose and determine the right surgical procedure for each patient's case.
After reading the results of the close examination, we will guide you in 1: 1 personalized consultation for the suitable surgery.

Optional Test

(Avellino DNA Test)

If you are considering vision correction, we recommend to take an Avellino DNA test before the surgery.
If a patient with Avellino gene undergoes vision correction, it will be irritated by the cornea and it will abnormally overproduce the protein, resulting in decreased vision.
As the life expectancy of modern people is prolonged, it becomes more important to have the good quality of life. It made an increasing number of patients to receive Avelino DNA tests to protect their precious eyes as well as those who consider vision correction.

Normal cornea

A 27-year-old cornea
undergoing LASIK surgery.
(7 years later)

Surgical Process

Same day surgery is available after pre-examination

We will provide you the information how to use eye drops and precautions after surgery. You're supposed to wear surgical hygiene patient gown and hats. (We will draw your blood for *Autologous serum PMP separately.)
For the stage of vision correction, we will use laser treatment to correct your vision. During the laser treatment, just open your eyes comfortably and stare at the laser light.
In the case of LASIK surgery, the doctor will examine the patient's condition after the surgery to make sure the successful result
you can go home after the post-operative care instructions.

LASEK Surgical procedure

This surgery recovers slower than LASIK, but surgery is possible even if the corneal thickness is thin.

Surgical procedure

  • Use special tools and alcohol to peel the well-regenerating cornea surface only.

  • The excimer laser is used to irradiate the cornea with the appropriate power.

  • First, cover the flaked corneal flap in place, then make the patient wear therapeutic contact lenses to help regenerate epithelium.

Operation Candidate

1. If you want safe surgery without corneal flap complications
2. It can be an alternative solution if you have flat corneas, thin corneas, or small eyes to have LASIK surgery.
3. If your eyesight is poor and your cornea is thin
4. If you have a concern about dry eye syndrome
5. If there is a risk of direct damage to the eyes, due to the wrestling, martial arts, boxing, water sports, pilots, or soldiers
6. If you're concerned about corneal opacity Or if there are side effects such as Corneal neovascularization due to the long-term wearing of contact lenses
7. If LASIK surgery is not the right solution for the case or if it is a revision surgery after LASIK.

LASIK Surgical procedure

The corneal thickness must be thin enough for LASIK surgery. It is possible to recover fast after surgery.

Surgical procedure

  • Using a micro-corneal cutting machine, we cut and make a very delicate structure called 'corneal flap'.

  • The excimer laser irradiates the cornea with the appropriate power.

  • Cover the flaked 'corneal flap' in place.

Operation Candidate

1. If you want to have a fast recovery
2. If you are not comfortable with glasses or contact lenses or suffer from the side effects of wearing contact lenses
3. If the cornea is thick compared to the nearsightedness
4. If there is no abnormality in the result of the close examination and there is no problem in receiving LASIK surgery
5. If you're bothered with wearing eyeglasses and contact lens because of your occupation or appearance

Precautions before surgery

  • You should stop wearing contact lenses before surgery.
    (Soft Lens: 3 days before, Astigmation Soft lens: 6 days before, Hard Lens: 9 days before)

  • Makeup is not allowed on the day of surgery. Only using the basic moisturizer is available.
    No sunscreen, BB cream, perfume, and hairspray is recommended.

  • Prepare non-prescription sunglasses

  • Driving home is not allowed on the day of surgery. Please, use public transportation, or you need to bring somebody to take you home.

  • Drinking is prohibited to maintain the best condition before surgery.

  • Please, come to the hospital in comfortable and loose fit clothes on the day of surgery.

Precautions After surgery

  • UV sunglasses or protective glasses

    LASIK: Wear protective glasses at bedtime for one week.
    LASEK: Wear sunglasses during regular checkup (about three months)
    It is recommended only for UV exposure protection (No need to wear in indoor, watching the monitor, and in the evening).(Soft Lens: 3 days before, Astigmation Soft lens: 6 days before, Hard Lens: 9 days before)

  • Wash face

    Hair shampoo and shower - Available from the day after surgery.
    Water cleansing is available after three days of surgery. Soap cleansing is available after a week.
    (Please be careful not to rub hard when you wash your face.)

  • Makeup

    Skin makeup is available from 3 days after the surgery.
    Eye makeup is available from 1 week later.

  • Driving

    LASIK: Driving by yourself is available from the day after surgery (There will be individual differences in visual recovery).
    LASEK: You can drive one day after lens removal (There will be individual differences in visual recovery)

  • Exercise

    LASIK: Light exercise such as gym, golfing, jogging and yoga is possible after one week.
    LASEK: Strenuous exercise such as ball games, group exercise, and swimming is possible after one month.

  • Drinking and Smoking

    Drinking alcohol is allowed after one week, but the amount is still limited.
    Smoking is allowed after one week.

What is cataract?

Cataract surgery is only available at Gangnam Branch.

What is cataract?

Cataracts are a common disease when people get older. The lens in the eye is swollen and cloudy. Typical cataract symptoms are blurred or cloudy vision.

What is presbyopia?

Presbyopia is a condition in which the lens and the lens muscle in the eyes become aged and weaker to control the vision focusing when we see the near sight.

  • Normal eye

  • Cataract eye

  • Presbyopia

Cataract Symptoms

  • You may see white foreign objects in the pupils of the eyes.

  • Your overall vision may be unclear and blurry.

  • You may have 2~3 overlapped images of a single object.

  • You may see halos around the bright lights such as street lamps or fluorescent light or may feel the light spreading.

Cataract Surgery Method

  • The vision is blurry and cloudy because of cataracts.

  • Remove lens that is cloudy with cataracts.

  • Insert an artificial lens instead of a removed lens.

  • Clear vision is restored through the inserted artificial lens.

Cataract Surgery Equipment

Cataract Surgery Equipment


Lens implantation is only available in Gangnam branch.


The Aqua lens, a kind of ICL, is a new lens that does not require the incision in the iris, which is one of the biggest disadvantages of the existing ICL or Artiflex. Almost no risk of elevated intraocular pressure.

EVO+AUQ ICL Operation Method

  • 3mm incision in cornea

  • Insert lens in front using injector

  • Fixed between iris and lens by pushing lens behind the iris

The EVO+Aqua ICL procedure is the same as the traditional ICL procedure, except that you do not have to perform an iris incision which should be done 1-2 weeks before the surgery.
For the lens implantation, a specialist must examined to see if it is possible to operate the lens insertion. In general, surgery is possible immediately, but depending on the size and condition of the patient's eyes. It may take some time for the operation t if the lens needs to be customized. The operation time is 30 minutes in the eye. The patient can go back to the normal life and after checking the intraocular pressure within 3-4 hours after surgery.

Introduction of Surgical equipment & Surgical methods


Do you have any inquiry? Please inquire if you hav anything/any information from customized operation method for me to get free testing request! BGN Eye clinic will give you a quick and correct answer.

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